MHH48: Queer Polygamy: A Delicious Mind Bender with Blaire Ostler

Throw away everything you think you know about patriarchal polygamy and monogamous gender binary scripts, and listen to Blaire Ostler’s mind-blowing theories on Queer Polygamy! Don’t worry, she defines all the poly and amorous words for you, as we talk about deconstructing the traditional beliefs and fears we have about love, deepening and expanding relationships, and exploring our authentic selves. Blaire’s theories are full of love, hope, depth, and ethical understanding.  As always, if you’d prefer to watch this video instead of just listen, head over to Mormon Happy Hour on Patreon!

MHH47: A Holiday Gift of Blood Atonement, Natasha Helfer Parker & Gina Colvin

This week, Mithryn returns with the actual nutty and horrifying facts behind the Doctrine of Blood Atonement on a segment of Six Minute Skinny Dip into Mormon History, so don’t miss out…or else! And next, I bring you two delightful interviews with actual Goddesses, the beloved Natasha Helfer Parker and Gina Colvin. Natasha is a phenomenal sex therapist and hosts two podcasts of her own, “Mormon Mental Health” and “Mormon Sex Info” and Gina is the host of “A Thoughtful Faith.” Join us for some light-hearted banter as we discuss and take various shots, well…maaaaybe we do! It’s a holiday week, enjoy your family! And if you’d prefer to watch these interviews instead of just listen, head over to the Mormon Happy Hour Patreon page. Cheers!

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MHH41: Interview w/ Karin Peter, Community of Christ Quorum President

Join me, Colleen, as I fall in love with the Community of Christ! I have a lovely visit with my friend Karin Peter, President of the 5th Quorum of the 70, in a church that you may know by their old name, the RLDS Church. She gives me some history on how the Community of Christ came to be, and why they are “Team Emma.” If you caught the last Grace/Works discussion in Episode 39, this one is much deeper! Explore what true diversity looks like in gender, race and sexual orientation, what female ordination is like, and their unique view of the literal truth claims of The Book of Mormon. Karin beautifully explains the adaptive nature of the Community of Christ and what her image of “God” looks like. I know, I’m really selling it, right? What can I say, I’m in love! Full video available on Mormon Happy Hour Patreon page.

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