MHH84: I Just Need to MFing Love Myself

Do you love yourself? Do you really? What would it feel like to have a raw, unconditional love for yourself, every part of what makes you who you are? I’m on a mission to answer that question. Come with me and dive into vulnerability, authenticity, self-love, mindfulness and real exponential growth. I have begun a new chapter in my life, and I’m going in with a plan. Today I’m sharing with you a few things that really resonated with me on a recent retreat Escape with Joy with Elena Thurston and some amazing insight from my good friend and Faith Transition Life Coach Claudine Gallagher. I can’t wait to hear your feedback and what your own self-love is looking like!

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MHH21: Yo Mama’s So Mormon she thinks not feeling The Spirit is a Mental Illness

This week, the Angels on Fire bring you Tips for First-time Drinkers. We asked other Post Mormons to share their advice, and we have brought it all to you! The Protect LDS Children Movement grabs a headline in Austrailia, and the next event will be June 10th, National Children’s Day. Get your button today! Next, we welcome Mental Health Therapist Tim Birt on the show to discuss two issues hot this week. First, a screenshot from the LDS website defining an inability to feel The Spirit as a sign of mental illness. And second, the announcement of the official divorce of the Boy Scouts of America (now called Scouting) and the LDS church.  Colleen updates the listeners on the Sister Missionaries who have been coming each week. And in celebration of Mother’s Day, we share with you “Yo Mama’s So Mormon…” Catch the uncut video version of this episode on Patreon, with oodles of bonus content!

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