MHH86: Post Mormon Confessions

Today I have some Post Mormon Confessions for you, things I am still carrying around with me that I’d like to work through and let go. First up, I still carry my temple recommend in my wallet, 7 years later. Why the heck do I do this?? Second, boobs. Yep, I’m gonna talk about growing up as a Mormon girl with boobs and how that wrecked me. That pic right there is me in 6th grade sporting my mom approved no cleavage Speedo. I’m the one holding my breath like I can’t smile underwater. Do you have some Post Mormon Confessions as well? I’d love to hear what yours are, and what they mean to you in your life. Also, don’t miss the upcoming topics, reach out and tell me about what they mean to you so I can include you in the next episode!

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MHH54: A Faithful Feminist Perspective on Temple Changes

Jody England Hansen has been asking for updates in the Temple for years now. She is an active member, a feminist, an LGBTQ ally, a Mama Dragon Group Leader, and a progressive thinker with very unique ways of understanding and explaining topics within the LDS Gospel. Join me as I explore with her a list of Temple updates she has been submitting to The Church and also her response to the changes that were made. Issues such as sexist language, teaching the temple ceremony (including temple garments) as figurative and symbolic and not literal, removing worthiness rhetoric from the temple recommend interview, and many other healthy updates. Jody has a fascinating and healing perspective on Temple Ordinances!