MHH95: Queer Perspectives on the PoS (The Policy of Silence)

Amidst the Letter to the IRS Whistleblower attention, a very important update to Handbook 2 was released by the LDS Church and then revised a few days later. This update contains heavy-handed silencing and further exclusion and denial of the existence of the LGBTQIA community. It isn’t “faith-promoting” as they say, and it is a policy dictating that we obey, conform, and cease to mention “personal characteristics” that detract from the focus of Jesus Christ because Mormon Jesus is a bigot. Join Blaire Ostler, a voice of passion and love who will not be silent when speaking of the LGBT brothers and sisters of this world.

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MHH90: Tips on Improving A Mixed Faith Marriage with Lindsay Kjar

Lindsay and her husband Matt are in a Mixed Faith Marriage, and they are thriving! Not only have they figured out together a thing or two about what makes a marriage like this work better, but they have also built an amazing support system to share what they have learned with other couples. Lindsay shares with us today her own journey out of being an active Mormon woman to a well-seasoned and wise Post Mormon. She highlights the things that brought strength, stability and growth in their marriage. Write down any questions you have or places you’d like more support, Lindsay would love to return, with Matt, to answer even more of your questions.

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MHH87: Becoming an EX-ExMormon: Jessica’s Story

There comes a time for many of us who have moved on from Mormonism that we REALLY want to move on and not stay in the community that validated us when we left Mormonism. We are done with the triggers, the constant repeating drama, the never-changing harm that pours out of the LDS Church. We are ready to embrace joy, happiness, and filling our lives with other interests! First up, to share her own journey out of Mormonism, and out of ExMormonism, and what she has done to fill up her life. She’s a novelist, with a alter ego pen name Delaney Darco. She is thriving in a mixed-faith marriage that is full of love, respect, and deep conversations.

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MHH86: Post Mormon Confessions

Today I have some Post Mormon Confessions for you, things I am still carrying around with me that I’d like to work through and let go. First up, I still carry my temple recommend in my wallet, 7 years later. Why the heck do I do this?? Second, boobs. Yep, I’m gonna talk about growing up as a Mormon girl with boobs and how that wrecked me. That pic right there is me in 6th grade sporting my mom approved no cleavage Speedo. I’m the one holding my breath like I can’t smile underwater. Do you have some Post Mormon Confessions as well? I’d love to hear what yours are, and what they mean to you in your life. Also, don’t miss the upcoming topics, reach out and tell me about what they mean to you so I can include you in the next episode!

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MHH82: The Modesty Talks

Lauren Vega and her friend Claire Watt created an art installation depicting the juxtaposition of a Mormon youth experience with modesty and that of an average youth not in the Mormon Church. It is powerful and resonates so deeply with those of us who lived the modesty rhetoric within Mormonism. They join me to share the background and elements of their art installation and also explore their own experiences and their goals to speak to these topics further. I am so thrilled to bring you these passionate and driven ladies, finding healing and sharing it with others! If you’d prefer to watch this conversation instead of just listen, head on over to Patreon!

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MHH81: A Pride Peek into 5 Husbands Vodka

Have you heard of Ogden’s Own Distillery and their line-up of subversive Mormon Themed liquors? Take a peek behind the hilarious labels and learn a bit about how they came to be, complete with rich tributes to controversial Mormon history and whole-hearted support for Utah’s LGBTQ community! Steve Conlin, CEO and President of Ogden’s own gives us a view from behind the Zion’s Curtain at what it’s like to be in the alcohol industry in a state controlled by the LDS Church. And, a Pride Re-Brand of their famous 5 Wives Vodka, a label so controversial it was banned in the state of Idaho! As always, if you’d prefer to watch instead of just listen to this interview, head on over to Patreon/mormonhappyhour to watch!

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MHH79: McKenna-geddon, The Heated Aftermath Pt 1

Recently, Mike Norton aka NewNameNoah presented an expansion of information that was previously presented regarding McKenna Denson when she came forward with allegations of rape at the hands of the Missionary Training Center president in the 80’s, Joseph Bishop. This further information, and the manner in which Norton presented it has erupted a firestorm of controversy in both the ExMormon and the Mormon communities as people grapple with feelings of betrayal, rage, anger, and disgust. Neither one of these players is getting a free pass. Lesley Butterfield, Bryce Blankenagel, and our fresh panelist Janelle Brinton and I all create a diverse panel with differing opinions on how to digest this controversy, whether rage or compassion is appropriate, and how this could have been handled differently. Don’t miss Part TWO of this discussion in Ep80, linked in the show notes. If you’d like to watch rather than listen, head on over to Patreon for the video of this panel, where it was early released!

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MHH78: The Wave: Women Supporting Women

Joanna Smith has created an absolute dream oasis of resources and support for women. The Wave provides a space for co-working, networking, mentoring, and more! It is the very definition of what Women Supporting Women looks like. The Wave believes in holistic support, meeting all the needs of a professional woman! Listen to Joanna tell the beautiful story of how The Wave came to be! Don’t miss a discount promo code exclusively for listeners! The video for this episode is available for free on Patreon/mormonhappyhour. 

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MHH77: Mormon Mean Girls

Did Mormonism ruin your relationship with women like it did mine? Join April Carlson and I as we discuss Mormon Mean Girls! April is a mental health therapist who spends much of her time working with those in faith transitions, and girl does she see the interesting dynamic at work within Mormon Women. Did you think the Patriarchy only affected men? Oh Sister!!! It’s alive and well within our Visiting Teaching (er, Ministering) and our Enrichment nights! Feeling the pressure to conform within Relief Society? You are NOT alone! The loneliness, betrayal, and exclusion from your community is real. And it is toxic. It takes time to relearn how to trust women after transitioning out of an Orthodox Mormon community, and April and I are here to talk you through it! On Wednesdays, we wear whatever we want to! Proudly! And we do not conform! As always, please head over to Patreon to watch this important conversation with April!

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MHH74: Why We Care About the Strengthening Church Members Committee, Pt 1

Lesley Butterfield, Bryce Blankenagel and I create a very strong case for why we all should care about the Strengthening Church Members Committee and their top secret files obtained through secret spies and online moles. We learned quite a few things during our call to the SCMC office, call in Episode 73, and we bring in current events that make these discoveries even more significant. The recent Vice piece chronicling the sex abuse case in West Virginia and how they focus on the LDS Church “Helpline” becomes a vital tie in. And did you catch the Panel of Women at the Women’s Conference at BYU who told all the women in the church how to submit when Priesthood leaders are being dismissive? Yuck! It is aaaaaalll related! Be sure and listen to Episode 75 as well, as this is a 2 part discussion. The videos for these episodes are already on Patreon, where subscribers got a super early release!

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