MHH91: A Year in Recap: Sam Young and Protect Every Child

This week I catch up with Sam Young, the Former LDS Bishop who asked the LDS Church to stop asking children sexually explicit questions during Bishop Worthiness Interviews. Sam Young created a petition, collected survivor stories, organized a march in Salt Lake City and survived a 21 day Hunger Strike with firesides each night to bring awareness to the dangers of these interviews. After all this, the LDS Church excommunicated Sam Young for his efforts to protect children from harm.  Over the next year, Sam continued to turn his frustration at The Church’s response to raising awareness of the need to Protect Every Child. He turned his campaign into a national effort to Protect Every Child, not just LDS Children. Listen in a Sam shares what his efforts have entailed during the past year, including many mountains climbed, many conversations, and a march 3x his original march in SLC. If you’d prefer to watch this interview instead of just listen, visit Mormon Happy Hour on Patreon and support the podcast today!

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MHH86: Post Mormon Confessions

Today I have some Post Mormon Confessions for you, things I am still carrying around with me that I’d like to work through and let go. First up, I still carry my temple recommend in my wallet, 7 years later. Why the heck do I do this?? Second, boobs. Yep, I’m gonna talk about growing up as a Mormon girl with boobs and how that wrecked me. That pic right there is me in 6th grade sporting my mom approved no cleavage Speedo. I’m the one holding my breath like I can’t smile underwater. Do you have some Post Mormon Confessions as well? I’d love to hear what yours are, and what they mean to you in your life. Also, don’t miss the upcoming topics, reach out and tell me about what they mean to you so I can include you in the next episode!

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