MHH09: Mike Norton on Church History, The Drinking Game

The Angels on Fire are joined by the devil himself, Mike Norton. We subject him to a firey round of Church History trivia, mercilessly peppering him with questions. Each time he gets one wrong, he takes a shot, but don’t worry, its Mike, he knows Church History! Each time he skunks us, then we have to take a shot. After our rousing game, we turn up the heat even more and ask Mike a few questions of our own that you’ve never heard the answers to! But this second half is only available to our loyal listener subscribers on our Patreon channel. Be sure and join the party, and don’t miss out on the rest of the interview!

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2 Replies to “MHH09: Mike Norton on Church History, The Drinking Game”

  1. I completely enjoyed this podcast and I can’t wait to re-listen as part of my own drinking game!

    Big kudos to Mike for doing the work he does to blow the roof off the secret cult ceremonies that go on in the temple. That takes some cajones! AND big kudos to the Angels on Fire for blowing the roof off the rest of the secrets and lies! Big cajones as well!

    1. Thank you so much, Kate! Better document your own drinking game! Soon we’ll have you on the show and have a blast!!

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