MHH92: Bad Bible Stitches and Jessica’s Story

Have you discovered the intriguing and glee-inducing world of subversive cross-stitch? It is from this creativity that I bring you the inspiring talent behind Bad Bible Stitches, a collection of art found on Instagram that showcases the more…colorful verses of holy writ for beautiful display. That creative woman is Jessica Hartle, who is also an incredible aerial performer! Join us as Jessica walks us through growing up amongst the FLDS in rural Utah, raised with certain modesty and purity ideas as are common within Mormonism, to a faith transition that encouraged her to use her art to help others explore what their faith is really all about. In a transformative and healing journey, she is also active in the Utah Performance community, finding and loving herself in talented, artistic dance. If you’d prefer to watch this conversation instead of just listen, head over to Patreon and watch the full video!

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MHH91: A Year in Recap: Sam Young and Protect Every Child

This week I catch up with Sam Young, the Former LDS Bishop who asked the LDS Church to stop asking children sexually explicit questions during Bishop Worthiness Interviews. Sam Young created a petition, collected survivor stories, organized a march in Salt Lake City and survived a 21 day Hunger Strike with firesides each night to bring awareness to the dangers of these interviews. After all this, the LDS Church excommunicated Sam Young for his efforts to protect children from harm.  Over the next year, Sam continued to turn his frustration at The Church’s response to raising awareness of the need to Protect Every Child. He turned his campaign into a national effort to Protect Every Child, not just LDS Children. Listen in a Sam shares what his efforts have entailed during the past year, including many mountains climbed, many conversations, and a march 3x his original march in SLC. If you’d prefer to watch this interview instead of just listen, visit Mormon Happy Hour on Patreon and support the podcast today!

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MHH90: Tips on Improving A Mixed Faith Marriage with Lindsay Kjar

Lindsay and her husband Matt are in a Mixed Faith Marriage, and they are thriving! Not only have they figured out together a thing or two about what makes a marriage like this work better, but they have also built an amazing support system to share what they have learned with other couples. Lindsay shares with us today her own journey out of being an active Mormon woman to a well-seasoned and wise Post Mormon. She highlights the things that brought strength, stability and growth in their marriage. Write down any questions you have or places you’d like more support, Lindsay would love to return, with Matt, to answer even more of your questions.

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MHH89: A Second Post Mormon Confession Session

I’m doing it again, I have things to tell you, so here they are! I felt The Spirit during LDS Conference Weekend, did you?? I also am sharing with you a deeeeelicious drink recipe, Tropical Jungle Juice for a crowd! Be careful with this one, it goes down easy and packs a punch, a tropical punch! I have now attended and hosted a Full Moon Drumming circle, and I’m thrilled to share the experiences! And, I have an update for you on medical cannabis, the truly wonderful things I have learned while using it, and how it has changed my behavior. In case you missed it, I threw in my own story for National Coming Out Day, Bi Visibility for the win!

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CNN: Religious Thoughts Trigger Rewards Systems, Feeling TheSpirit

Jungle Juice post on MHH Instagram

The Strange and Unusual Podcast

MHH88: Becoming an EX ExMormon: Valerie’s Story

Up next in my series all about leaving Mormonism AND ExMormonism, I chat with my childhood friend Valerie all about her experiences growing up Mormon, Ricks College (yes, before it was BYU-I), converting and marrying her husband, and falling down the rabbit hole and leaving Mormonism. It’s a crash course, with some great wisdom at the end of the conversation. Please don’t miss all the photos I posted of our favorite childhood moments, can you believe I found photos to go along with the things Valerie brought up? Writing the names of all the guys we’ve kissed on the wall at girls camp? Check! The deer head someone used to terrorize us? Check! Attempting to dye our hair with kool-aid? You know it! Girls camp was where the memories were made! If you’d like to watch Val and I catch up on Growing Up Mormon, head on over to Patreon for the full video of this conversation! 



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MHH87: Becoming an EX-ExMormon: Jessica’s Story

There comes a time for many of us who have moved on from Mormonism that we REALLY want to move on and not stay in the community that validated us when we left Mormonism. We are done with the triggers, the constant repeating drama, the never-changing harm that pours out of the LDS Church. We are ready to embrace joy, happiness, and filling our lives with other interests! First up, to share her own journey out of Mormonism, and out of ExMormonism, and what she has done to fill up her life. She’s a novelist, with a alter ego pen name Delaney Darco. She is thriving in a mixed-faith marriage that is full of love, respect, and deep conversations.

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MHH86: Post Mormon Confessions

Today I have some Post Mormon Confessions for you, things I am still carrying around with me that I’d like to work through and let go. First up, I still carry my temple recommend in my wallet, 7 years later. Why the heck do I do this?? Second, boobs. Yep, I’m gonna talk about growing up as a Mormon girl with boobs and how that wrecked me. That pic right there is me in 6th grade sporting my mom approved no cleavage Speedo. I’m the one holding my breath like I can’t smile underwater. Do you have some Post Mormon Confessions as well? I’d love to hear what yours are, and what they mean to you in your life. Also, don’t miss the upcoming topics, reach out and tell me about what they mean to you so I can include you in the next episode!

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MHH85: Mormon Headlines with Emily

Mormon headlines are too legit to quit. They just keep on rolling forth like a stone cut out of a…heap of bs? Anyway, Emily Holyoak and I have a blast covering as many as we could in just under an hour. Listen in, you’ll have a great time, maybe learn something new, and I’m sure you’ll have some feels about what we cover. Also, don’t miss the new development coming to MHH on Patreon! Spoiler, it involves Closet Confessionals! As always, if you’d rather watch this conversation instead of just listen, head on over to Patreon to check it out!

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MHH84: I Just Need to MFing Love Myself

Do you love yourself? Do you really? What would it feel like to have a raw, unconditional love for yourself, every part of what makes you who you are? I’m on a mission to answer that question. Come with me and dive into vulnerability, authenticity, self-love, mindfulness and real exponential growth. I have begun a new chapter in my life, and I’m going in with a plan. Today I’m sharing with you a few things that really resonated with me on a recent retreat Escape with Joy with Elena Thurston and some amazing insight from my good friend and Faith Transition Life Coach Claudine Gallagher. I can’t wait to hear your feedback and what your own self-love is looking like!

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MHH83: Mormon Transhumanist Association with Blaire Ostler

I had so many questions for Blaire Ostler, former CEO and current board member of the Mormon Transhumanist Association. What is it? What are its basic beliefs and tenets? Isn’t Transhumanism a mostly secular atheist movement? But, what if I don’t believe in Jesus or God, does that still jive with MTA?  How does the MTA interact with the LDS Church? I began to explore what Transhumanism means to Blaire and what inspired her dive into MTA, and led her to become the CEO! Please enjoy this informative and fascinating discussion!

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