MHH47: A Holiday Gift of Blood Atonement, Natasha Helfer Parker & Gina Colvin

This week, Mithryn returns with the actual nutty and horrifying facts behind the┬áDoctrine of Blood Atonement on a segment of Six Minute Skinny Dip into Mormon History, so don’t miss out…or else! And next, I bring you two delightful interviews with actual Goddesses, the beloved Natasha Helfer Parker and Gina Colvin. Natasha is a phenomenal sex therapist and hosts two podcasts of her own, “Mormon Mental Health” and “Mormon Sex Info” and Gina is the host of “A Thoughtful Faith.” Join us for some light-hearted banter as we discuss and take various shots, well…maaaaybe we do! It’s a holiday week, enjoy your family! And if you’d prefer to watch these interviews instead of just listen, head over to the Mormon Happy Hour Patreon page. Cheers!

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