MHH56: Mormon Headlines with Marie Kent

This week, catch exciting Mormon Headlines with Marie Kent from My Book of Mormon Podcast. You can always count on Marie’s feminist never-Mormon perspective to highlight just how peculiar Mormonism can be. Colleen and Marie discuss the news that Sister Missionaries are now permitted to wear pants in the mission field, an unfortunate missionary that chose an isolated island to die on, President Dallin H. Oaks receives a prestigious recognition, a former reparative therapist, David Matheson, has come out as gay, and an important update from QuitMormon dot com.  As always, if you’d like to watch this interview instead of just listen, head to Mormon Happy Hour’s Patreon page for the full video and much more bonus content!

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  1. Just listened. It’s not correct that you are required to use an attorney to resign nor do you have to go through Kirton McConkie. If you use then you are choosing to be represented by a lawyer – Mark Naugle. They have told Mr Naugle that he must work through the church’s law firm when he makes a submission. This is not uncommon in business that lawyers work with other lawyers between companies.

    Others who want to resign themselves can submit a letter with the right wording (examples on the internet) directly to their bishop. You are right that there are stories by many people who tell about how they have been given grief by their bishop when they ask to resign.

    Quitmormon can be still be an easy option.

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