MHH57: 3 Mormons: Why We Haven’t Resigned

I bet you didn’t know, but Lesley Butterfield, Bryce Blankenagel and Colleen Payne Dietz have not yet resigned from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, more popularly referred to as the “Wins For Satan” Church, following President Nelson’s admonishment to cease using the term “Mormon” as it causes “wins for Satan.” We will oblige, President Nelson. Join 3 Mormon panelists (shoot I said Mormon) as we each share our own reasons for not utilizing the amazing service available at to alleviate ourselves off the records of “The Church” (also an authorized term)…just yet. We discover our reasons are all very different and unique, but we agree on so many passionate feels! 1 part thoughtful discussion, 2 parts bitch fest. Don’t worry, we take turns. As always, if you’d prefer to watch this panel instead of just listen, follow the links below to MHH’s Patreon page! And don’t forget to check out the 2018 Brodie Awards Nominations! Vote for Mormon Happy Hour!

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2 Replies to “MHH57: 3 Mormons: Why We Haven’t Resigned”

  1. My favorite bits of this were

    1. A phrase used, “Mormon hangover.” It is a delicious phrase that I wonder why I have never heard. It can be used in so many contexts. I always like a boost to the vocabulary.

    2. When Bryce said something like, can’t we all just stop shitting on each other. Why indeed, Bryce.

    I enjoy listening in on your conversations. I’ve never done Patreon stuff before. If you had Mormon Happy Hour bumper stickers I would probably be highly motivated to find where ever the hell I stashed my credit card and sign up just for the pleasure of putting said bumper sticker on the car we drive to church. Eventually my lazy ass will find my cc. At least I left a 5 star review on Apple. Cheers!

    1. Great parts indeed! I think Bryce said “shoulding on each other” but I totally heard “shitting” too the first time! Haha! He went on to say “shoulding” and explain we need to stop telling people what they “should be” doing.

      ALSO, thank you for the kick in the ass about the bumper stickers! It’s been a dream of mine as well, but they’re expensive! BUT I have gotten serious about finding the right size and somehow adding the word PODCAST to the logo to make it clear what it even is! STAY TUNED! As soon as I get these babies ready, I’ll be SUPER EXCITED to share them with you!! Your enthusiasm about putting a bumper sticker on your church-wagon makes my heart sing!!! I SUPPORT that!!!

      Thank you for the review! I’m heading over to check it out now! YOU ROCK!! Check out Patreon sometime, it’s got some good bonus content to make it worth a few bucks! And it helps me do MHH instead of no MHH and I get a second job, NOOO!

      Thanks again for the comment! Let’s keep in touch about bumper stickers and other fun stuff!


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