MHH34: 3 Guests on Utah Prop 2, The Exclusion Policy Doubledown, and the LDS Rebranding Fiasco

This week Colleen brings 3 guests on to discuss several hot topics in Mormonism. First up, Blaire Ostler, a queer Mormon woman, takes on the Exclusion Policy addition to both the Missionary and Seminary manuals. Second, Marie Kent from My Book of Mormon Podcast hashes out Utah Prop 2, the legalization of medical marijuana. And lastly, New Name Noah Mike Norton gives us an update on what we should be calling the church formerly known as The Mormons. Don’t miss Mike’s upcoming plans for Sam Young’s pending excommunication for asking the LDS Church to stop asking children sexually explicit questions. But those can only be found with all the other full-length videos on our Patreon page!

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One Reply to “MHH34: 3 Guests on Utah Prop 2, The Exclusion Policy Doubledown, and the LDS Rebranding Fiasco”

  1. The one thing that I didn’t hear your guest address on the POX was that it was not likely at the direction of the general authorities that this policy was added to PMG and the CES curriculum. I worked for the church for many years and I was the point person on the church handbook for family history. I would guess that there was an update being made to PMG and the person in the missionary department made these changes which then would have been approved by the MEC (Missionary Executive Council) and the Q12 and 1st Pres. The same probably occurred with the seminary curriculum. Someone in correlation was just updating the curriculum and wanted an example of the current prophet getting revelation. You might consider a session with a few ex church employees on how decisions are actually made and how the councils in church administration work. I think many of your listeners would be interested in how the process actually works for policy changes, manual, and curriculum updates.

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