MHH63: First Time Drinking Tips for Fresh PostMos

Are you new to the world of alcohol? Does it overwhelm you? Is there a bit of fear and anxiety? Or are you thrilled and want to know where to start? Join Chloe and I as we share with you our NOT expert first time drinking tips to keep you safe and make a plan for a good experience on your maiden voyage into the world of adult beverages! We share our drinking experiences along the way to keep you entertained and really help the tips we share come to life.  As always, the full video of this interview is available on the Mormon Happy Hour Patreon Page for you to enjoy!

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2 Replies to “MHH63: First Time Drinking Tips for Fresh PostMos”

  1. Do you have one on breaking in to adult entertainment too? Like swinging or how to be a porn star to see what its like?

    1. Haha, no, but that’s a good idea! I have some friends that might be great resources!!! Are you volunteering??

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